This blog will be primarily used for  sharing our homeschooling experiences with others.  My children are 4 & 3 years; as well as 16 months.  I usually present the lessons to all of the children and work with them; but now, I’m beginning to change it up a bit.  This will allow for more autonomy for the two older children.  We typically focus on phonics, reading and counting. We utilize the Easy Peasy Homeschool curriculum; as well as Dristar Teach Your Child to Read program.  We also work on learning Spanish, science experiments, cooking, arts & crafts, coloring, nutrition and physical activity.  Additionally, the children attend Preschool Storytime & Art class at our local library, Teeball, and a Tot Tours art class at our local Art Museum.  They’re also gaining exposure to musical instruments such as the guitar, piano, bongos, tambourine and shakers.

This week we focused on the letter J, did a couple of air pressure based science experiments (vinegar & baking soda); as well as read their favorite book from the library this week “The Bug In The Jug Wants A Hug.” The kids were very much into rhyming words this week; and are improving their retention of the days of the week in Spanish.  They were very enthusiastic about the science experiments; so I will be focusing on finding some more basic ones; and include them in next week’s lessons.  Caleb (4 yrs.) is showing increased interest in good nutrition.  He has been requesting more veggies; and less junk food.  I call that a win!  Hannah (16 months), discovered puddles this week; and had a great time splashing in them; while Judah was extremely fund of making the volcano; and watching it erupt! Caleb has been taking piano lessons for a month; and the instructor advised us to bring him back in six months; so we will.  Until then, I will work with him on the keyboard at home.

Tomorrow, we will be taking the children to see “The Lion King” play.  I’m SO excited!  I hope they enjoy it, as much as I did when I first saw it.