Last week, we reviewed the letter K; as well as the alphabets and numbers in Spanish.  We read a plethora of books; but their favorite was “The Fat Cat Sat on a Mat.”  We’ve also been juicing more; but we have not found a combination that the boys like.  I’m going to try the apple lemon juice (which is also a blood cleanser) with them next.  I’m pretty sure they’ll like this combination.  Caleb (the 4 year old) is really into nutrition and wants to eat more healthy food; in order to be big and strong.  Judah (the 3 year old), seems to naturally gravitate towards fruits and vegetables. He loves salads, smoothies, and nearly every fruit he’s been exposed to.  They really enjoy helping to make the juices and smoothies.

Another thing that my husband and I focus on teaching my children is responsibility with money. Right now, they know to pay a tithe, save some of their money and NEVER spend all of their money.  Although their very young,  we teach talk to them about delaying instant gratification for what they want most; and for a better deal.  Whenever we’re in a store, and they say that they want something, that becomes a teachable moment.  I refuse to start them in the habit of buying things just because they see it and feel like they have to have it.  I’ve not once had a child throw a tantrum over not be able to  get what they wanted at the store.  I find that being consistent and being on the same page with my husband, prevents unruly behavior.

In the Tot tours class at the museum last week, the theme was portraits.  They walked around one wing of the museum and looked at the various portraits.  They read a book about portraits and then colored and decorated their own self portraits.  The kids really enjoy attending this class; and I think it’s hilarious that Judah always gets one of those bags from the front desk, that people who purchase artwork, put them in.  He always puts his artwork in one of those bags.  This kid cracks me up; but I love everything about him!   He’s like an old wise man, in a 3 year old’s body.

Caleb took the German and Korean classes at the library this past Saturday.  It was for ages 4 – 7; so Judah had to hang out with mommy.  He didn’t mind though.  I also thought it was good for Caleb, to take his “own” class.  He really enjoyed them both and was very proud of the paperwork that he received from the classes.  We will be working on that work this week.  They both enjoyed teeball, as usual.  Judah really wants to learn to play the piano, so I promised him that I will work with him on that.

I feel so honored and privileged to spend the bulk of my time with my children; and to also be able to train and educate them.  It’s the most important and rewarding job that I’ve every had.  I know that my daily interactions with them is impacting not only their lives;but the lives of my future generations.  Absolutely AHMAZING!!