Prior to becoming a mom, I was a full-time fitness professional.  One of my favorite roles was that of Group Fitness Instructor.  I LOVED (and still do) teaching fitness classes.  I would often prepare a plan for class; only to abandon it; because I got great ideas while teaching the class.  I find the same thing happening, as I teach my kids.  I have a plan in place; but I get even better ideas while we’re doing lessons; and they’re absolutely perfect for whatever I’m teaching at the moment.  I believe that my great ideas come from YHWH/God; and I’m so grateful for them!

This past week, I employed more of a Montessori type of environment for the kids.  (My husband and) I got to work with each of them individually; which appears to be having a greater impact.  We worked with Caleb (the 4 year old) on reading; Judah (the 3 year old) on letter sounds; and opposites (on, off, up and down) with Hannah, the 17 month old.  The boys also worked on counting with pennies, writing, coloring and practicing the piano.  They also participate in the reading program at our local library; so we read between 5 and 6 books daily.  One of the books entitled: “Please Write Back,” is a story about Alfie the Alligator; who sends a letter to his grandmother, and requested that she writes back.  As part of our lesson, the boys (with my assistance) wrote a letter to their favorite cousins in MA.  We folded the letter, addressed it and put a stamp on it, just like Alfie.  My husband took it to the mailbox for us; since it was a very cold day.  The boys really enjoyed writing the letter to their cousins.

Since we got snow this week; we went sledding on Monday and Tuesday.  It was a great time!  At Preschool Story time, two of the three books were about cupcakes.  The boys, really enjoyed the stories; and my husband brought them home cupcakes.  Boy, were they DELIGHTED!  At the Tot Tours program, the kids had the opportunity to view the part of the museum with the paintings of various animals.  It was fantastic!  I love the fact that they observe the art and tell you what they see; as well as, what they think the animal is doing.  They also made sculpted and decorated their own animals.

Below is a video of some of our sledding fun.  I hope you all had a great homeschooling week as well; and I wish you much success and great idea implementation this week!