This past week was fantastic; as we had Spring-like weather most days.  We went on a nature walks and spent more time outdoors.  We continued working on reading (with Caleb), phonics (with Judah), and opposites (with Hannah).  We also continued with counting pennies for our math.  The kids LOVE reading, so we read up to six books daily.  Their three favorite books this past week was: “See Pip Point,” “The Bike Lesson” and “Plains Animals.” I’ve read them over, and over and OVER again.

Their father brought home wooden toolkit for them; and they have been “going to work and building and fixing apartments ALL week!”  We took a field trip to the Civic Center; and we had the opportunity to watch the hockey team practice.  The boys enjoyed it!

Andy the Armadillo was a special guest at Preschool Story time. Hannah, most enjoyed that!  She was fascinated with him and just kept pointing and saying: “eh! eh!” The boys painted in art class.  There was no teeball or Tot Tours at the Art Museum; due to the fact that it was Winter vacation week for the school district.  The boys were less than thrilled; but we found other activities.

Well that was our week in a nutshell.  I post pictures from our activities and lessons on my Facebook page each week.  Please feel free to friend me (Yonka Beckem) to see them.  Enjoy your Sunday and have an AWESOME homeschooling week!