Wow!  I haven’t posted in about three weeks; but homeschool has continued to go on.  This week, we’ve spent most of our time at home; due to the blizzard.  Hannah (the 18 month old) is working on identifying her body parts; and she understands up, down,on and off.  She’s speaking more and repeats nearly everything we say to her; or whatever the boys instruct her to say.  Her favorite word these days is MOMMMMMMY! I don’t mind at all.  I love hearing that little voice!  Judah (the 3 year old) worked on the letters and sounds of D,E & F.  He’s also working on counting to 10.  Caleb (the 4 year old) has learned addition and has been working on it since last week.  Today my husband taught him subtraction; so we will continue to work on both.  He’s also reading more.  I give him new vocabulary words each week; which will be used in sentences throughout the week.  I also quiz him on his comprehension; and he’s doing well with it.  Both of the boys are working on writing their names; while Hannah scribbles on her note pad.

This week we went to tee-ball practice and art class at the art museum.  Both boys are still enjoying teeball; so we will continue through to the next session.  They have improved so much.  They know how to run the bases and do the agility drills.  We still have to work on catching and hitting the ball.  Their Coach John has the patience of a saint.  Getting those 3 – 5 year olds to do things is definitely like hurding cats.  It’s the funniest thing; but he and kids seem to really enjoy themselves.  In art class, they made nests as a spring project.

Last week, the kids went to their usual activities; as well went to the Science Museum and 16 Handles frozen yogurt.  They really had a great time and enjoyed all of the activities and learning stations at the museum. At 16 Handles, they got to sample the various frozen yogurt flavors and then decide on their favorite.  They also played in the game room.  Oh, the boys got new pet fishes; that they named Darrington and Zeg.  I got the fishes, because they are low maintenance pets…no walking, bathing, taking to the vet, etc.  With three children under the age of 5, I have my fair share of responsibilities.  It’s been nice having the fishes; because the kids feed the daily, just sit and watch them, ask questions; and they really excite Hannah. Today, we cleaned the fishes’ home and put in new water.  It looks so MUCH better!  It’s amazing how dirty that little container gets in a week.

Week before last, we went on a field trip to Chuck E. Cheeses.  Needless to say, the kids had a grand time! It’s amazing to see how much my oldest son has become so independent.  My second son tends to stick with me a bit more; but he’s becoming more independent.  Hannah was born independent!  She has no problem going to do her own thing.  I love that about her!

Pictures and videos of the past few weeks will be posted on my facebook page (Yonka Beckem). Feel free to friend me and check out our learning and other adventures! Have a great weekend and awesome upcoming homeschooling week!